About me

Daniela Rodríguez Bravo

Hi! I’m Daniela Rodríguez Bravo and I work as an English into Spanish and Spanish into English Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator.

My work experience has led me to specialize in Astronomy, Mining, Environment, Energy, among other technical and scientific fields in which I have provided professional support.

As a Simultaneous Interpreter I’ve had the opportunity to work at events of different complexity such as Meetings, Workshops and International Conferences.

Since 2015 I am member No. 283 of the Chilean Association of Translators and Interpreters COTICH.

During my free time I like to read about technology and digital marketing, as well as gardening in my farm, embroider and watch TV shows in English language.

For more information about me, you can check my profiles on LinkedIn, ProZ or Translators Café.

Thank you for your visit and remember that you can ask for a quote at my Contact section.

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