Daniela Rodríguez Bravo offers English – Spanish and Spanish – English Translation Services of:

  • Technical Texts
    • Reports from Project Status, but also regarding machinery and equipment’s state .
    • Manuals.


  • Scientific Texts
    • Scientific Publications,
    • Research Articles,
    • Abstracts for Thesis projects.


  • Content for Websites and Blogs (Posts).

I specialize on Astronomy, Mining, Environment, Energy and other Technical and Scientific areas of knowledge.

How to Quote a Translation?

  • First, the translator reads the text, analyzes it and determines its degree of complexity. Then, it checks if it has specific terminology and the characteristics of the text: if it comes in an editable format (.doc) or if it has images, graphs or charts.
  • Next, the translator counts the amount of words of the text and estimates how long will it take to finish the translation and image editing in case it is needed.
  • Finally, a quote is prepared and sent to the client. Terms of Service and Information on where to transfer the payment are included in the quote as well.

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