Daniela Rodríguez Bravo offers English – Spanish and Spanish – English Interpretation Services on Simultaneous, Liaison or Whispering mode:

  • Simultaneous: As its name clearly states, Simultaneous Interpreting develops at the same time as the Speaker gives its message. The Interpreter works at a soundproof booth and the audience listens to its translated speech through individual receivers.
  • Liaison: It is one of the most common forms of interpreting and it is also quite informal if you compare it to Simultaneous or Consecutive interpretation. It is used to facilitate communication between a speaker or a small group of individuals that share a different language.
  • Whispering: It is used when there’s no room for a booth and the majority of the audience share a common language except for one or two listeners. In that case, the interpreter speaks into their ears.

Interpreting services are ideal for Meetings with Experts, On-site Visits, Workshops or Trainings, as well as more complex events such as Lectures and Conferences.



A few Considerations Before Hiring an Interpreter:


  • Time: Contact your Interpreter with enough time. For large-scale events, at least with a month’s notice. In case of a Meeting or a Situation involving a small group of people, it is enough to book with a few weeks in advance or even a few days if it is a subject that the interpreter feels comfortable working with. Though for both cases, the sooner the better since this will only strengthen your interpreter’s performance.


  • Preparation: This is a crucial factor for the success of your event. A prepared interpreter is a professional that will be able to orally translate a speech or dialogue without any doubt. But it will also be ready to understand the context and provide support to the speaker in case the audience have questions.  Preparation is a key element and it can only be achieved through good documentation.


  • Documentation: Please hand the interpreter all the reading material that might be useful while she is preparing for the assignment. If it is a large-scale event, a good place to start would be the Master of Conference Script. It is also important to have a copy of the Speakers Presentations to make sure that correct terminology is being used and therefore produce a more fluent interpretation.

Remember that interpreting is an activity that it is practically immediately. So the interpreter won’t have time to search terms at a dictionary. Its performance depends mostly on previous preparation and client’s collaboration is key for that matter.


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